Bubble bags

Bubble sheet is held between two layers of tamper proof bags for adding more security in packaging. These bags are highly useful for mailing books, bulky items and even some sensitive objects. The cushioning provides a certain amount of protection from outside forces particularly from rupturing and scratches. Bubble envelopes are a great alternative to padded envelopes, as they are lightweight and also don't leave messy padding residue when they are opened so it sends a very professional image.

We now provide a perfect solution for storing and transiting your semi-fragile valuables. Bubble envelopes are now available with bubble lining on the inner surface, protecting your valuables from outside human and climatic mishandling. Bubble lined envelopes comes with a jacket to enclose Air way bills or notes present on either side of the envelope and a permanent peal and seal closure flap.

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  • Delivering online shopping orders by e-commerce, specifically semi-fragile and electronics items.