Security bags with POD

These kinds of bags with POD are made from high quality LDPE plastic. POD Bags contains Transparent Plastic Jacket widely known as POD Jacket on the back side of the bag for the insertion of Shipping Address, Waybill, Invoices, Note conveying thanks etc. With this concise pocket, important documents or notes remain protected. It saves a lot of time and transcends a strong corporate image. This clear overlapping jacket helps in protecting documents from water and other impairments in transit and ensures glue and adhesive free insertion of shipping labels.

These are also most widely used in ecommerce packaging, online marketplaces and by courier companies. Tamper proof bags are also commonly called as courier bags.

They are manufactured from customized co extruded polyethylene film, which is gray/black inside & white outside, with a flap which has a hot melt adhesive strip for easy & permanent closure. . Once the bag has been opened for any reason, it cannot be put back again to normalcy ensuring the customer that the product is factory sealed.

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  • Delivering products for e-commerce companies and courier companies.
  • Mailing Invoices, Important papers, Cheques, confidential documents, other bank related documents and legal documents.
  • Brochures, Samples, expensive articles etc.


SR NO. SIZE (In inches) (B X L) FLAP SIZE (In inches) MICRONS
1 4.5" X 10" 1.5 60
2 6" X 6" 1.5 60
3 7" X 10" 2 60
4 8" X 10" 2 60
5 10" X 12" 2 60
6 12" X 16" 2 60
7 14" X 18" 2 60
8 15" X 19" 2 60
9 20" X 24" 2 60