The tamper proof security bags or courier bags come with a peel and seal adhesive technique which makes it impossible to open the bag without tearing. This indeed provides high tamper resistant security for the product, and thus all the types of fraudulent efforts of tampering with the product can be easily prevented. It is tear resistant and water proof, so these kind of bags are highly useful and have been adopted by majority of ecommerce companies and other courier companies as its reliable packaging partner for their shipments.

security bags without pod

Security bags without POD

These uniquely designed bags are highly secured and manufactured to avoid any sort of unauthorized access or detection of the product packed inside. These pouches ensure the confidentiality of the product minimizing duplication. Once the bag is tampered with, it cannot be put back again ensuring the customer that the product is factory sealed.

Security bags with POD

These Are also most widely used in ecommerce Packaging, online Market Places and by courier companies. Tamper proof bags are also commonly called as courier bags.


Bubble bags

Bubble sheet is pasted between two layers of Tamper Proof Bags for adding more security in packaging. These bags are highly useful for mailing books, bulky items and even some sensitive objects. The cushioning provides a certain amount of protection from outside forces particularly from breakage and scratches. Bubble envelopes are a great alternative to padded envelopes.

Transparent bags

In order to get visibility of the products or documents or shipment, it is widely used by the companies who want their product or documents or contents to be seen by the users. It offers economical, low unit cost, low posting costs, fast & easy to use, lightweight, water resistant & tamper proof security.